Arthritis coupled with the bad weather does not have to compromise your golf enjoyment. If you are suffering, try taking a daily dose of Litozin+ to alleviate the discomfort.

Litozen, Natural Pain Relief

Arthritis sufferers can experience pain and stiffness, especially in the cold, damp winter months - this can restrict their golf playing activities.

The good news is that arthritis coupled with the bad weather does not have to compromise golf enjoyment, as by taking a daily dose of Litozin+ supplements, sufferers can alleviate the discomfort of painful joints. Litozin+, containing active ingredient Rosenoids, is clinically proven to manage the pain of arthritis enabling golfers to stay active and mobile and enjoy their game whatever the weather.

Golfers who suffer from arthritis can really benefit from continuing to play the game through all the seasons. It is a great sport for improving joint motion, enhancing coordination and balance and controlling body weight, which is an important element in managing the condition. The sad fact is that many people experience more pain and discomfort in their joints in the colder weather and this can make people think twice about indulging in their favourite hobby.

Taking a natural supplement, such as Litozin+, which is extremely easy to manage as it requires just three capsules, or one drinks sachet per day, enables golfers to manage the pain in the colder weather and enjoy year round golfing pleasure.

Michael Robinson, Managing Director of UK Distributor for Litozin+, commented: “The colder weather can increase the severity of arthritis symptoms greatly affecting sufferers’ quality of life and limiting their enjoyment of a game of golf. Litozin+ tackles the most common arthritis concerns, including joint pain, stiffness and mobility problems with just a daily dose of the supplement, so can really be of benefit.”

Available from Holland & Barrett and Amazon and retails at £19.99 for the 90 capsule version.