It's important to develop explosive power to deliver effortless oomph to your long game. Fitness instructor John Waghorn demonstrates exercises which can help,


It's important to develop explosive power to deliver effortless oomph to your long game. By incorporating these exercises from fitness instructor John Waghorn into your routine you will begin to build strength into the key muscle groups that enable powerful rotation and increased clubhead speed.


Begin with your feet shoulder width apart, using a medicine ball or weight as a good counter balance. Bend your knees and push your bottom back so you sit into a full squat position. Aim for a position with your thighs parallel to the ground. Ensure your knees do not go past your toe line. Perform 8-10 reps.

Golf Swing: This exercise will help develop balance and strength in the glutes, lower back and legs. The glutes are ‘King’ of the golf swing so get to love the squat and you’ll begin to see greater stability and increased clubhead speed.

Lunge and Twist


Hold a 3-5kg medicine ball in both hands with arms extended but not locked out. Lunge forward until your thigh on your lead leg is parallel to the ground. Rotate your torso over the top of that lead leg. Repeat with the other leg. Ensure your knee stays pointing directly forward and in line with your foot as you lunge. Try 8 controlled reps each side.

Golf Swing: Hitting the ball a long way requires the X-Factor. Singing is optional but the degree of disassociation between the upper and lower body will help develop great rotation and clubhead speed = long drives! Master all these exercises and you will start to have the sought after X-Factor.

Swing Throws


Grab a medicine ball but not one that is too light as you want your core to have to work to produce this movement. In an iron posture, hold the ball out in front of you emulating a golf swing. Rotate the ball into the backswing about halfway so your lead arm is roughly parallel to the floor. From this position, focus on the left hip initiating the rotation, then the core, and turn through and release the ball. Try not to let your arms do the work as it really has to be your hip turn and core that needs to work hard at this.

Golf Swing: As I have said before, golf is a rotational sport and to produce efficient rotation you have to fire the lead hip and then the core/torso with the arms and club trailing. I work with many clients on sequencing these moves and it does produce significant improvement. 

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