Dehydration can not only cause physical symptoms but also reduce mental function resulting in negative implications for your game. Stay focused.

Water is continually being eliminated through our breath, sweat and urine, and therefore, must be replaced every day. After oxygen, water is a close second on the list of essential nutrients for life and it makes up 50-60% of our body weight.

Any form of dehydration may create not only physical symptoms but mental function may also be reduced resulting in negative implications for decision-making, concentration and motor control, all of which may affect performance on the golf course.

Exact needs depend on a number of things including weather conditions and levels of physical activity. On average we should drink at least one and a half litres of water every day.

The key is to not wait until you are thirsty. On the golf course take a few sips every two or three holes, do not wait until you reach the 9th or later. In warmer climates the vitamin, mineral and electrolyte content of sports/fitness water may also aid performance and be a little more palatable than plain water.