Keep healthy and happy on your travels. The incognito luxury pack makes an unusual gift - or if you are jetting off for some sunshine golf, it's perfect to protect you from bugs on the fairways.

This unique pack provides one of the best, proven bite protection collection you’ll ever need.

Containing a deet-free repellent, Aftersun Moisturiser, Hair & Body Wash, Luxury Loofah Soap, a packet of 10 incense sticks and Organic Java Citronella Oil – all of which are designed to repel dangerous insects and prevent them making a meal of you.

incognito spray provides 100% protection and camouflage against all mosquitoes and biting insects and is far stronger than any DEET based product even though it’s certified as 100% natural. It’s also long-lasting, working for at least 5 hours. The active ingredient, Citrepel 75, is clinically proven to protect against malaria when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net.

With a light citrusy aroma, incognito After Sun Moisturiser is fast becoming an essential travel accessory, especially as it has the added benefit of natural insect repellent.

Taking a loofah with you on holiday is essential, if you want to keep the insects at bay. The incognito soap loofah has tiny microscopic hairs that gently remove detritus from the skin pores when exfoliating. This together with the soap it contains, cleans and conditions your body, making you significantly less attractive to biting insects in the process. Although, you don’t need insects to enjoy the benefits of this luxurious soap.

Incense sticks provide a very effective, chemical free and non-toxic mosquito shield. Their natural fragrance emits strong, refreshing notes that help to keep the majority of insects away. So wherever you are, you can enjoy protection by lighting the tip of the stick and blowing out the flame, especially at dawn and dusk when most insects like to hover around.

Java citronella oil provides a luxury massage or bathing oil, which is at least twice as strong as ordinary citronella. And this is unfortunate for the insects, as it will have been more difficult for them to have built up any tolerance because of its rarity. This oil can also be added to any cream or shampoo and you can top up incognito or any other natural insect repellent for greater efficacy. You can even add a few drops to your clothes or luggage to keep them smelling fresh and unwanted small visitors away.

Hair and Body Wash is perfect for travelling, as you don’t need separate shampoo and shower gel. Apart from its great cleansing this natural gel helps keep insects, dandruff, fungal infections and even head lice, at bay, if used regularly.

All the products in the Luxury Combo last a long time so they can be used this winter or for next summer’s holiday.

RRP: £42.95
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