As worn by Lee Westwood and Catriona Matthew, check out Bioflow's new black and red Sport Wristband, the latest design in the popular range of magnotherapy wristbands and bracelets.

As worn by golfers, Lee Westwood, Paul Lawrie, Tommy Fleetwood, Thomas Aiken, Chris Wood and Catriona Matthew, Bioflow have introduced a new black and red Sport Wristband.

Magnetic therapy is complementary, non-invasive and 100% natural and the Bioflow Sport and new Bioflow Sport Twin Wristbands are the latest in a line of product innovations from the magnetic therapy company, designed specifically for the sports market. With over 1 million satisfied customers, Bioflow has supplied magnotherapy products to sports professionals and athletes worldwide for over 19 years. 

Fleetwood, one of the most talented young players in world golf, teamed up with Bioflow earlier this year and commented: “I'm delighted to become part of the Bioflow family. The wristband has worked wonders for me and I'm sure it will for everybody who tries it.”

Bioflow Sport wristbands feature patented Central Reverse Polarity technology. This strong, multi-directional force of magnetism is designed to complement an active lifestyle, with a winning combination of patented magnet technology teamed with a durable, non-tearable silicone sports wristband that is water resistant.


RRP: £25.99
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