To help golfers get in the Christmas spirit, Bioflow are offering free delivery on all Sport products, including the new Sport Twin, Sport and Monet bracelets for UK customers until end of 2013.

The promotion follows the recent addition of Catriona Matthew to Team Bioflow and also the launch of the Bioflow Sport Twin, the next generation of Bioflow Sport wristbands.

Magnetic therapy is complementary, non-invasive and 100% natural and the Bioflow Sport and Bioflow Sport Twin wristbands are the latest in a line of product innovations designed specifically for the sports market.

The new Bioflow Sport Twin, available in five colours, has been designed with a double silicone strap for greater freedom of movement and features dual magnet technology, with a patented Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) magnet module and an additional relay magnet embedded in the strap. This powerful combination is designed to pull the magnetic field deep in to the wrist for maximum effect.


Bioflow ambassadors include Lee Westwood, Paul Lawrie, Thomas Aiken, Simon Dyson, Chris Wood, David Horsey, Catriona Matthew and Christina Kim.

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