If you are searching for an ideal stocking filler, The BAMP (Ball Pick Up and Marker) could just be the answer. Ideal for golfers struggling with bending over or to avoid putting your hand in dirty holes in winter!

Christmas is fast approaching and for those desperately searching for that perfect gift for the avid golf lover, Northcroft Golf’s premium Ball Pick Up and Marker (The BAMP) could be just the answer.

Endorsed by legendary golfer Sam Torrance, OBE, the BAMP is more than just a ball pick-up; it allows you to mark the ball and lift the marker too – all without bending. It has also been specifically designed with a removable rubber cup, which allows easy storage of the putter in the golf bag.

The BAMP fits on any size putter grip and retrieves the ball by simply placing the rubber cup over the ball and applying downward pressure. It securely lifts the ball from the green or hole so there is no need to stab at the ball. The ball lifter is also designed to clip on and roll off easily so it does not inhibit the putting stroke.

Kevin Bailey, managing director of Northcroft Golf says, “We are all looking for that perfect present at Christmas and The BAMP is the ideal gift for any golf lover. Although our range of products are designed to help those who suffer when bending down still enjoy the game of golf, they also benefit all golfers as they save time going round the course and also the BAMP avoids you having to put your hand in dirty or wet hole during the winter months.”

Northcroft Golf’s products are superior not only in the quality of their manufacture, but the fact they incorporate sensitive design features that enhance rather than interfere with the golfer’s game.

RRP: £10
For more information please visit www.northcroftgolf.com