Dr Kitrina Douglas will be helping golfers all over the country to improve and enjoy the game so much more by exploring the reasons behind those bad shots! Don't miss out and book your space today.

Many of us understand that when we hit a bad shot it can be down to all sorts of things, a bad lie, a gust of wind, the wrong club or just a very unlucky bounce.

Most of us also recognise that often behind the bad shot was a bad decision, silly or disruptive thought, and perhaps an inkling that you knew you were about to hit a poor shot. Although many women recognise these facts seldom do we delve under the surface to sort them out.

This one-day workshop is aimed at exploring some of the reasons behind poor shot choice, poor swing execution, lack of concentration and disappointing results.

Dr Kitrina Douglas provides some interesting and informative remedies to help women golfers understand the reasons for poor performance and to improve and enjoy their golf more.


Monday 31 March - St Mellion Resort, Cornwall
Tuesday 1 April - Batchworth Park Golf Club, Hertfordshire
Wednesday 2 April - Mill Green Golf Club, Hertfordshire
Thursday 3 April - Blue Mountain Golf Centre, Berkshire

Friday 4 April - Oak Park Golf Club, Hampshire
Saturday 5th April Portishead, Somerset


“We laughed all the way home in the car imagining cows in our kitchens, but it did the job as we all played really well the next day.”

“Thank you for a brilliant day. I played in the medal at the weekend and cut my handicap, I know it was down to you helping me concentrate.”

To book a place on a workshop please email: [email protected]