Does your putting technique involve a long back swing and virtually no follow through? Well these two drills from PGA Pro Alice Davis will help sort that out.

We've often been told that, when putting, our back swing should be the same length as our follow through.

But, as with most things in golf, it's easier said than done...

These two putting drills from Alice Davis, PGA Professional at Parkstone Golf Club, Dorset, are suitable to do in living room, hall or where ever you have a bit of space.

They're perfect for when it's wet and miserable outside and you want to get a bit of practice in without freezing and getting soaked.

Meet PGA Pro Alice Davis

Alice is the latest instructor to join the W&G team and over the coming months she will be developing her own series of instruction videos for all our subscribers.

At Parkstone, Alice was instrumental in setting up the Sunday Girls Academy and the hugely-successful beginners programme - the Parkstone Pink Ladies Golf Academy.

She's also a certified Titleist Performance Institute Coach (meaning she's qualified to offer guidance on the physical/muscular aspects of a golf swing) and she was selected to sit on the TaylorMade Ladies Advisory Board along with just 11 other women from across Europe.

For more details about her lessons and fitting services please contact her at [email protected].

You can also follow her on Instagram @alice.davis.pga.

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