If you can keep formulate a consistent pre-shot routine that works for your more likely to hit consistent shots on the course, as Katie Dawkins explains.


Keep on top of your set-up with a pre-shot routine. Formulate a routine that works for you on the driving range. This will pinpoint the faults that YOU have, and will help you to keep on top of the things that go walkabout in your set-up.

Always abide by the Decision Box-Play Box rule. By this I mean that behind the ball as you arrive at your shot, this is where you decide what you are going to do. Club, shot selection, visualisation etc. Conjure up the shot you want to play in this area. Check your grip etc and have your practice swings. Only once you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve should you cross the Decision line into the Play box. This is when you will execute your shot and not when you wonder where the ball will go. By now, over the ball at your set- up you should KNOW where it is going. Try and make this a positive thought. It won’t be easy to begin with but keep practising on the range, so you can eventually trust it on the course.


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