QUICK FIX: If your ball lands in a fairway bunker, remember that you might have the option of using a wood if the lie is ok and the lip of the bunker is not too steep. It's simple if you have the right technique!

In the States, a bunker is called a trap, and trapped is how the average golfer feels when their ball goes in one.  Having a confident and positive attitude comes from knowing the proper technique that makes bunker play relatively simple with either an iron or wood in your hand.

Make Woods Work

When using a wood, set up similar to an iron with the ball more central in your stance. You need to pick the ball off the sand, keeping your lower body quiet during the shot.

Take a three quarter swing, keeping your weight on your front foot throughout. This will decrease the risk of you sinking into the sand on the backswing and enable you to hit the ball and not the sand.