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It's really frustrating that we're unable to get out on the golf course, but there are some really good training aids on the market that will help to keep your swing in check. Katie Dawkins offers some tips on the best way to use the orange whip.

Whip It!

It is refreshing to find a gadget that helps your game without you having to think. Thinking too much can paralyse a golfer’s natural rhythm and they forget to actually hit the ball. The Orange Whip training aid (£89.95, available from Amazon) will add yards to your drive and elegance to your follow through. This aid lengthens your through swing, adding power where it is needed most.


Rotate Those Forearms

The whip can be used to help enhance forearm rotation, which for ladies is very important as it will create clubhead speed. Adopt an athletic posture. Use your left hand (right hand for left-handed golfers) and gently hold the whip just underneath the bottom of the grip. Hold the whip out in front at waist height and gently rotate the whip behind you to feel the rotation. Let the whip hinge back and through and let your body turn with the motion. This will help to keep your body in sync and should begin to improve wrist hinge and clubhead speed. Be careful if you have tennis or golfer’s elbow; keep repetitions down to a few here and there.


Baseball Swings

Hold the whip with both hands and hover it at hip height. Swing it forward first to build momentum then start to gradually wind it behind you and release it through to the target. Repeat this over and over for about 10 swings. You should really be aware that you are winding yourself behind where the ball would be and turning everything through with a full follow through.



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