“The dreaded bunker shot” is what most golfers say to their PGA professional, but bunkers are easier to master than you think. Follow theses seven steps and bunker success is (almost!) sure to follow.

1. Dig your feet into the sand and put 60-70% of the weight on your front foot.

bunkersetup 1

2. Position the ball just forward of centre before your front heel.


3: Aim straight or slightly left of the target.

4: Full extension of the arms on the backswing while using your wrists. During your backswing keep your left arm straight and hinge your wrists as this helps to create the momentum needed during the downswing.


5: Given the placement of the ball, the club should strike the sand approx 1 inch behind the ball.

sand 1

6: The golf clubface never touches the ball; a small amount of sand should cushion the strike.

7: You must create enough clubhead speed to elevate the golf ball out of the bunker.


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