The mid-length bunker shot is undoubtedly one of the hardest shots in golf and poor backswing position is very common with ladies who play this shot. Ryan Fenwick explains how it should be done.

A strong and wide stance is required to maintain your balance and stability throughout the motion. Think about keeping your sternum over the top of the golf ball at set-up as this is your pivot point during the golf swing.


The above position is very common with ladies when playing bunker shots. You will notice how the sternum has tilted towards the target which puts most of the body weight onto the front leg. When starting the downswing a player will then reverse pivot and this causes the clubhead to enter the sand too early = SAND BEFORE THE BALL.

The lower half of your body should stay solid with little leg movement as the club is swung with the upper body, torso, arms and hands, creating an L-Shape in the backswing.

At impact the shaft should be leaning slightly forward with your sternum still over the top of the ball, promoting a consistent strike.

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