Improvements to your putting can provide a speedy route to knocking shots off your score. Developing a routine with correct alignment and optimising feel through releasing tension can certainly help increase your chances of consistency and success on the putting green.

Create a Routine

We think about creating a pre-shot routine for our long game but this often goes unnoticed when it comes to putting. Have you ever missed a putt and through sheer frustration rushed the next, trying to get it over with as quickly as possible? The chances are, when panic sets, a negative spiral of events and missed putts ensue.
A short routine allows breathing space to help you get back on track to create a positive, clear focus of the next task in hand, quietens the mind and provides the opportunity to release any unwanted tension for a greater chance of success.

Alignment and Visualisation


Correct alignment is key within the fundamentals of putting. Without correct alignment compensations are made at some point during the stroke, either consciously or subconsciously. Most putters have some form of alignment guide on the putter to assist in the process. If you are having difficulty lining up correctly, create an alignment guide on the ball or utilise a logo on the ball to assist in the process. Line this up with the target from behind the target line and simply line the alignment guide on the putter with this line. If you are fairly comfortable with creating a good visual of the putt, the line may throw you off slightly and may not suit, but it’s worth experimenting.

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