What's the best way to practice golf? Follow Nicky Lawrenson's tips for guaranteed improvements to your game.

Practice, Golf Tips

Practice doesn't make perfect – perfect practice does. If you're wondering what the best way to practice golf is, look now further.

Here's everything you need to know to make the most of every practice session. Follow these steps and look forward to making positive changes to your golf swing.


Begin the practice session with a short warm-up and pitch shots, warming up the body,  building rhythm, timing and tempo. When working on a swing change, it can be easier at times to get the feeling during a short swing/pitch shot rather than a full swing straight away. In time, vary lengths to develop confidence with all distances, avoid practising to your favourite length only!


Create a disciplined routine of correct alignment during your practice session. Place a club or cane on the ground aligned with your chosen target.  Begin to vary your target towards the end of the session or in future sessions, once confidence has been gained. This will then stand you in good stead when out on the golf course and also prevent any compensations being made in the swing to allow for any misalignment.


Quality Practice

Remember quality is key not quantity. Hitting fewer balls but taking the time to integrate any drills or checkpoints given by your professional into the practice session will be more beneficial than speedily hitting as many balls as possible.  Good work can be gained from exercises/body drills that don’t actually involve hitting balls and can also be done at home.


Have fun

Enjoy your practice session. If you approach it with toil, effort and struggle it is unlikely to be a fruitful exercise. Take your time, blend in drills and if available, use a mirror as a visual aid. Once confidence is developed with a swing change, begin to introduce variety with targets and club selection. Imagine playing a certain hole on the golf course and hit the shots you might play on that particular hole. This assists in recreating a golf course scenario under practice conditions.

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