Most men have significantly more power than women, yet women are naturally more flexible, which changes the way we swing. Follow this golf instruction for sweeter strikes!



Coaching women is different to coaching men. Most men have significantly more power than women, yet women are naturally more flexible.

Therefore, although male professionals are great, diplomatically speaking, a female coach’s opinion is always welcome; so follow this instruction for sweeter strikes!

Overswinging Problems


The flexibility of a woman’s body can be detrimental to the golf swing, causing overswinging with both the shoulders and hips. As shown, there is a tendency to lift up your body and this means that swinging back to the ball can be a challenge if your timing is not perfect.

Women might be flexible but this doesn’t mean we don’t have stiff muscles that restrict us from certain positions. This is when lifting of the body on the backswing can be a problem, as it will cause a lack of distance as well as erratic shots.

Gain Greater Distance 


When it comes to iron play, most women find they don’t hit them particularly far or high, so let’s begin with the set up.

The ball should be positioned just forward of centre in your stance as shown. A ball too far forward will cause the ball to fly higher, but you’re also likely to top it as you won’t be able to swing back to the ball in time.

Too far back and the ball will stay lower.

Focus On Your Backswing

Our backswing acts like a catapult, creating resistance before releasing the club back to the ball. The more resistance, the further the ball will go.

It is important to create resistance, so turn the foot closet to the target towards the target. This will restrict the lower body motion and the sensation of turning and winding your upper body against a resistance in your lower body. Your swing will feel shorter and more compact, resulting in a sweeter strike.

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