A wide range of shots can be played from around the green and to guarantee consistent performance the secret is to correctly deliver the clubhead.


A wide range of shots can be played from around the green and to guarantee consistent performance the secret is to deliver the clubhead to the ball correctly, so implement these drills for a better score:



Take two empty baskets and place an alignment pole through each. Set up to play a chip shot.

1 Stand close to the ball

2 Feet should be just a few inches apart

3 Pull your front foot back slightly

4 Grip down the club

Set the ball up a few feet back from the pole. Begin with a straight-faced club like a 7-iron and start to hit shots under the pole. Watch the consistent amount of roll on the ball. If the ball goes under the pole then you are playing the shot correctly and creating the correct angle of attack.


Change the club to a more lofted club like a pitching wedge. Play from the same spot and convince yourself to try and hit the ball under. This approach will create a consistent angle of attack. The ball may go over the pole with a more lofted club, but this will be due to the correct loft of the club being delivered to the ball at impact as opposed to flicking.



Flicking and trying to lift the ball is the deadliest sin of the short game. It interferes with the delivery of the club to the ball and causes inconsistent golf shots. You can avoid this with my favourite drill with a pencil!


Slide a pencil under your watchstrap and make sure it sits along the back of your hand. Take your set-up to play a chip shot. As you complete your follow through, the tip of the pencil should not touch your skin.



Extend the shaft of your club by placing a shaft extension training aid on the top, or take an alignment pole and run it down the side of your club with a couple of feet left sitting longer than your club. This drill also works on achieving a consistent angle of attack and for it to be e ective, you must play chip shots several times without the extended part of the shaft ever touching the side of your body.

These three drills will ensure a consistent technique is achieved. Once mastered, you can begin to practise with all your clubs and through time you will be able to identify the amount of height and roll each one provides. This will give you many more options to get the ball close from around the fringe of the green.

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