Winter may be upon us but this doesn’t mean that golf has to stop. If you want to see improvement in your putting then try this easy distance control drill.

Sinking 5ft-7ft putts are key to lowering your handicap and boosting enjoyment of the game.

Take three coins (any size, but the smaller the better) and begin by placing a coin where you want to start then at 3ft and 5ft.


The first coin will be the target (hole) and the second will be the pace coin. Putt three balls to the target coin, they should go no further than the pace coin. Continue until all the balls are within the two coins, and then move backwards to 4ft and so on. This drill is great for competitive practice, as you are testing your skill, pace and competing against yourself.


Place two sticks on the ground that are parallel to each other and slightly wider than the putter head. This drill helps to keep the clubface in line with the target.

As we know, putting is simple, but we often overcomplicate it. The shoulders in golf are used as a rocking moment. Think of a grandfather clock. Tick Tock. This drill helps you to see where you might be going wrong, and gives you a feeling of a more compact putting action, whereby your shoulders remain still and neutral.


Place a golf club or a yardstick under your arms so you are able to rock your shoulders. Lay a stick on the ground parallel to the stick under your arms to check your alignment.

Ensure that when you rock backwards and forwards that the stick goes up and down, and not sideways.

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