Making a chip or pitch shot and one putt a few times during a round will not only make an impact on your score but your handicap too, so follow this instruction that will help to improve your short game accuracy and ultimately lower your scores.




Set-up is really important and consistency is key to saving those fats, thins and shanks! Many golfers tend to think that you need to chip as though you are putting. This isn’t true and your legs play a role in the chipping action.

Your stance should be narrow and slightly open. This means that your shoulders will also open, (aiming left of target) to give you space to come through the ball.

Imagine throwing a ball with straight legs? This is not much different from hitting a golf shot, whether it be putting, chipping or driving. The action is underarm and you wouldn’t throw with straight legs? So keep them flexed throughout.

Place a good percentage of your weight on your left side which will naturally bring the hands forward of the ball.


A good way to practise chipping is to line up a club behind the ball. This encourages a downward blow so the ball will release up (using the loft of the club) and will stop you from scooping the ball at impact.



Whatever your handicap, when pitching, you must get a good feel of distances to give yourself an opportunity to make a birdie on a par-5 or save par on a par-4.


Many golfers believe pitching is a swing with arms, but it’s not. It’s really important to turn your shoulders and core through the ball. A simple way to obtain consistent distance control is to think in terms of a 20-yard shot as a 20 mph speed and 30 yards as a 30mph speed. Therefore, the longer the shot, the faster you move your body.

Another way to think of pitching is like a clock face with 9 o’clock being halfway and 10 o’clock being a three quarter shot. Knowing your distances with these two numbers will give you an idea of the distances you hit your wedges. Practise with every wedge you have to gain the correct distances with each.


To get a good turn through the ball, try pitching with just your right arm (righthanded golfers). Grip down the handle, so the club isn’t so heavy, and feel like your body is moving the club back and through. Keep wrist break to a minimum and feel like your arm is connected to your body.

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