Why do we so often hate the 1st tee, especially in a medal round? Usually it’s because we are not ready and certainly not confident enough in our consistency.

So let’s change all that and prepare to succeed rather than prepare to fail.

Preperation Is Everything


Here are a few ground rules for success that you will be aware of already, but they are worth a mention:

  • Prepare your bag the night before. Water, snacks (high protein, good fats etc, things that will give you energy, not a sugar rush) 
  • Arrive with plenty of time
  • Hit a few balls if you can, or simply chip to get your eye in 
  • Then WARM UP

Be First Tee Ready


That 1st tee is a place dreaded by many golfers. The fear of failure, a topped tee shot sets the tone of a round. That terror of what everyone else is thinking and how they will judge you if it goes pear-shaped. Every golfer will be going though exactly the same battle as you are mentally. Forget them. Focus on the shot in hand.

Confidence Boost

To be prepared, give your driving a dreamy makeover. Make it a part of your game you can really shout about. More importantly make it a part of your game you ENJOY. Think how different that will make you feel on the tee. Suddenly you’ll be prepared. Here are the tips:


Find a gentle upslope on the tee block. Settle yourself onto the slope addressing a leaf. Sink into the hill and allow your shoulders to become perpendicular to the upslope. Close your eyes and really soak up the feeling. You are behind the imaginary ball, ready to collect it off the tee. 


When addressing your ball on the flat surface of the tee, recreate the feelings you had at address on the slope. Sink behind the ball with it positioned opposite the inside of your left heel. The ball should be teed up with half the ball above the top of your club. You are ready, relaxed yet poised to swing. 

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