Whatever your handicap, if you can improve your short game then you'll have a greater chance of shooting a lower score. Here are some tips to help you knock the ball stone dead and to give yourself an opportunity of making par or even birdie!

Shaft Awareness


Being able to use your pitching wedge from different distances is a skill that requires precision. Don’t assume you are swinging to the correct time – video analysis is a good idea, or find a buddy who is patient enough to watch and offer feedback.

If you master different lengths of backswing this will give you the confidence to know that you have a swing to cover all yardages around the green. Swing the same distance through as the backswing. A good way to remember is 8 to 4, 9 to 3, and 10 to 2.

One Hop and Stop


If you’re scoring in and around the 80s it's likely that you’re already using a softer golf ball. Assuming this is the case, then you're ready to introduce the One Hop and Stop wedge shot into your game. It has a low-fying ball flight and can be played with any wedge ranging from 52-60 degrees.

  • Set-up is crucial. Position the ball back in your stance, towards the back foot with your hands placed opposite the inside of your front thigh. At address, favour 60% of weight on your front foot. Make a half or three-quarter backswing depending on the distance you need to hit the shot. Keep your hands soft when gripping the club, and as the backswing is reduced, hold the club further down the handle.
  • With the correct set-up your backswing is restricted, but avoid the temptation to pick the club up further. On the downswing, lead with the back of your
    left hand and maintain this feeling all the way through. Keep the left hand/wrist solid and avoid the temptation to flick your right hand.

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