W&G instructor and Advanced PGA Professional Katie Dawkins explains why you need to strip back our swing thoughts to perform to your best on the course.

We’ve all tried to tap our head and rub our stomachs simultaneously. Tough isn’t it?

So why is it we try and throw a few more thoughts into that mixer and think we can hit a great shot at the same time? Try to keep your thoughts simple on the course. Go for a feeling, use your practice swing to think more, then try and recreate that feeling.

Forget direct instruction of individual limbs. I like “brush the grass” as a thought, or “finish the swing.” Letting the ball get in the way gives us that carefree feel to our game.  

Stick to this routine throughout your whole game. If you need a GO button then use your putter head cover or bag tag to pat before you enter into the routine. See this as switching your FOCUS on and your WORRY and DISTRACTION off.

You will hit poor shots, everyone does. Try to let them go and find a way to start fresh every few holes. Do have a sip of water every 3 holes as this will keep you hydrated and this means FOCUSED. Carry good snacks in your bag too and graze on the way round.



If you are standing over your shot thinking, “Oh no, last time I was here I chunked it into the pond, then I got a double bogey and my handicap went up” then you are way out of the moment. You are jumping back to what happened before, then ahead of what is happening now by panicking about it all going wrong again. Hit this ball as well as you can today. Commit to it and don’t fear it.

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