For most players there is usually a fuzzy part to a round, where you can lose the plot! Some call it a BLIP. Let’s face it, a round of golf is a long time to stay on the ball and concentrate, so follow this instruction to help you fine-tune your focus.

A good pre-shot routine is key. It’s your moment to snap into the zone and focus on the shot in hand. Routine helps us to get rid of thoughts that revolve around outcome. What does this shot mean? How many am I here for? What if it goes in the water? Simply getting your ball from A to B is all you should be thinking about.

On the way to your ball begin to visualise. Where you want it to end up? Then when you arrive at your ball you’ve already got an image in your head of the best shot you can possibly hit from that spot. Select the club you are going to use. You’ll be able to make the decision when you get to your ball. If it’s sat in a scrappy lie you’ll have to rethink that splendid 3-wood shot you were going to hit and opt for a rescue club instead. 


Once the club comes out of your bag, stand back behind the line of your shot. This is where you do your practice swing and get a feel for the shot. These are good feelings, but too often our immediate reaction is to fear all the things that might go wrong!


Having rehearsed the shot, now it’s time to line up. Point your club at your target and look directly up to the horizon. If you are lucky enough to have tree-lined, undulating scenery, then finding a spot above the target will be simple. If there are clouds in the sky and it’s not blowing a gale, use these. Looking up will fill you with positive vibes. It will take your attention away from any trouble lurking.


Walk into your shot and pick a mini target just in front of your ball. Now aim to recreate that practice swing. Focus on GRASS under the ball and FINISH.

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