As John Waghorn explains, the key to consistently hitting the ball further is to ensure you get your body moving correctly and in the right sequence.

Picture a javelin thrower as they run up and throw the javelin. Their arm and lastly the javelin fire through to the target and this is all brought together by the resistance and power generated by each body segment.

Correct sequence = speed and distance.

This exercise will help you to feel the lower half of your body moving independently of your torso. If you are unable to separate your upper and lower halves, you'll be unable to generate clubhead speed.


Begin by standing in a good golf posture with your feet shoulder width apart and place a club across your shoulders. Keep the club in that position and don’t allow it to move whilst you turn your belt buckle towards the target.

This will help you to feel separation. Try 12 reps initially.

For the next move, repeat the lower separation movement and then turn fully into your finish. Try another 12 reps putting all the movements together.

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