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Ball position

The ball should be in between the middle of your stance and inside your front heel.  A ball positioned too far back will cause you to cast the club from the top, losing power, consistency and correct weight transfer. A ball positioned too far forward can cause your shoulders to aim to the left encouraging a steeper backswing, loss of power, and an out to in swing path.

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Width of stance

Your stance should be approximately shoulder width apart. If you stand too wide or too narrow  this will affect your balance, rotation, weight transfer, flow, and loss of clubhead speed.


Swing a hybrid as you would swing your 7-iron.  Resist the temptation to try and hit it harder, just keep your rhythm. It is important that you set the club (as shown) with your wrists halfway into your backswing.  You are now out of first gear and creating power without tension.  Once the club is set halfway back, complete your backswing with a full rotation of your upper torso.  You should notice your hips will be slightly rotated at the top of your backswing (hips 45°, torso 90°).

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Sliding to the right with your hips is a common mistake during the backswing.  This gets the club into a very steep position. Another common mistake is to reverse pivot. This is when your weight stays too much on your front leg during the backswing and then transfers to the back leg on the downswing.  This is a common mistake with both hookers and slicers of the golf ball.



Transfer your weight into the correct finish position. A lack of follow through is common when you are eager and anxious to see where the ball has gone.  You must commit and hit through the ball.

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