Wondering how to hit your driver effortlessly down the fairway? Find out how to perfect your set up to ace your driver.

If you've been struggling to hit your driver, this one is for you. Here, Katie Dawkins shares her advice about how to hit your driver consistently, starting with the basics. 

Set up

The ball should be positioned opposite the inside of your front foot, with a hint more weight settled delicately on your back foot.

The ideal tee height will have half the golf ball above the top edge of your driver.

There should not be an ounce of tension in your address position.

Common mistakes with your driver

Many golfers make the mistake of setting up to the ball by standing up straight with weight evenly on both feet, and sometimes with too much weight on their front foot.  

If you are inclined to set up with your weight leaning towards the ball rather than away from it, your angle of attack maybe too steep. That means you won't be able to sweep the ball off the tee, and instead of hitting it long and high, you'll lose distance. 

If the ball is too far forward, you'll tend to open up your shoulders and point them left of the target (right-handed golfers). This is exactly where you'll end up swinging the club which causes a sliced shot that lacks distance and swerves off target.

Make sure you complete your swing

Ensure your grip pressure is light and you are completely relaxed.

The driver should move away smoothly and low to the ground. Don’t be tempted to pick it up steeply.

Turn your back to the target at the top of your swing and then complete a follow through, letting the ball simply get in the way.

Make sure you turn your body; don’t just lift your arms.


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