On the practice ground and on the golf course your mind should be working as hard as your body. Before each shot, try the 'crossing the line' drill to enhance your overall performance.

Before you hit your shot, take a moment to stand behind your ball. It’s the perfect spot to align yourself and see the shot that you want to hit.

Use your vivid imagination and visualize the intended shot you want to hit with the club you have in your hand. In the first instance many people only see the shots they fear and subsequently these are the shots they hit. After some practice, especially on the range, you will soon be able to see your ball flying towards your target.

Once you have a clear and precise image of the shot in your head, then you can ‘cross the line’. In golf there is a ‘decision line’ that divides two imaginary boxes. The ‘think box’ is where you prepare the shot you are going to hit, see the shot in your mind, select the club, rehearse the shot with a few practice swings before crossing the line into the ‘play box’ where the shot is executed. Do not cross the line until you are extremely focused and you know what you are trying to achieve.

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