Hinging your wrists in the back swing is essential for gaining extra distance and hitting it straight.

This wrist hinge drill is easy to try at home or on the range.

Many of us suffer with a bowed wrist in the backswing when we first start playing golf, and this can make it much harder to hit the ball.

Trying to hit the ball just using your left hand can feel a bit weird, but it will really help you can get the hang of hinging your wrists properly.

Give it a go!

Meet PGA Pro Alice Davis

At Parkstone Golf Club, Alice was instrumental in setting up the Sunday Girls Academy and the hugely-successful beginners programme - the Parkstone Pink Ladies Golf Academy.

She's also a certified Titleist Performance Institute Coach (meaning she's qualified to offer guidance on the physical/muscular aspects of a golf swing) and she has been selected to sit on the TaylorMade Ladies Advisory Board along with just 11 other women from across Europe.

For more details about her lessons and fitting services you can contact her at [email protected]

Or follow her on Instagram @alice.davis.pga.

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