This quick tip video from Ladies Love Golf will help you have a different mindset to help you hit consistent golf shots

You have mastered the mechanics of the golf swing, from your stance, to backswing, to follow through. Now you want to hit consistent shots either on the driving range or out on the course. Often you may find that your desire to hit the ball hard can mean that you lose focus on your swing. This can happen at all levels of the game.

PGA Pro John Cheetham talks us through how he makes sure that you just swing and make sure that the ball gets in the way of the club rather than trying to hit the ball as hard as you can.

Changing your swing mindset

In this video, John talks about how you should swing the club and not hit the ball, giving you a different mindset that could really help you to hit more consistent shots.

You can practice this at home or on the range. Why not give it a go before your next round?

About Ladies Love Golf

Ladies Love Golf is a community for women of all ages and abilities who want to learn to play golf or improve their game.

The quality coaching is provided by experienced PGA Pro John Cheetham and delivered in a relaxed, sociable style with emphasis placed on making the sessions fun and enjoyable for all.

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