Catch up on all eight episodes of the first series of Golf Fashion Insights with GolfGarb

Over the last eight weeks, we've really enjoyed sharing fashion insights from GolfGarb, the online retailer which offers the largest collection of women's golf clothing in the UK. Across the series, we tackled some of GolfGarb's most frequently asked questions from women golfers, gave tips for buying golf clothing online and (hopefully) provided some inspiration to update items you may already have in your wardrobe.

Led by the expert insight from Heather Constable, Co-founder and Director of GolfGarb, we have covered a lot of topics and thought it may be handy to put all the episodes in one place (just in case you missed any of them).

Watch Episode One

In episode one, we tackle a question that all new golfers face – do I need golf specific clothing and if so, where do I start?

Not surprisingly, the answer is YES! So now you just need to know where to start. Heather from GolfGarb takes you through the four essential items that you should think of investing in to start to build your golf wardrobe.

Watch Episode Two

In episode two, I've brought along an item from my wardrobe which has been relegated to rarely or never worn and I am challenging Heather from GolfGarb to update the look.

The piece of clothing that I have brought is a Glenmuir golf dress which I bought at a golf fashion show I attended at a golf club in 2020 (before lockdown). I bought the dress at a time when golf dresses were really starting to come into fashion and I wanted to jump onto the trend.

The dress is navy, which I like as blue is my favourite colour and it came with shorts, so there is no concern over modesty. But for not really any good reason, I just do not wear the dress!

Watch the video to find out how Heather takes the simple golf dress and gives me options to update the look but also advice on how to give longevity to a golf dress as you move through the seasons.

Watch Episode Three

In episode three, we’re talking about polo shirts. Long gone are the days when you just picked up a short sleeved cotton polo. The choice is vast but with varying sleeve lengths, it can be confusing. So, which sleeve length looks best Heather?

We really are lucky that there are such an array of polo shirt choices out there for women. Hopefully, once you have watched the video, Heather will have given you some ideas of the style of polo shirt that would suit you. Did anyone else know about how flattering 3/4 length sleeves are?!

Watch Episode Four

In episode four, I've brought along an item from my wardrobe which has been relegated to rarely or never worn and I am challenging Heather from GolfGarb to update the look.

In Episode two, I brought in a Glenmuir dress which I had bought at a golf fashion show I attended at a golf club in 2020 (before lockdown). At the same fashion event, I bought a sleeveless polo.

The polo shirt has everything I like in this sort of item of golf clothing - it's sleeveless, it's got lots of shades of blue in it (my favourite colour) and it's got a nice long body which I prefer. With all that being said I have never worn the polo shirt.

Watch the video to find out how Heather pushes me out of my comfort zone by embracing some bold contrast colours, explaining that it's easy for us to keep to colours we always wear. Heather also adds some accessories to finish off the outfit.

Watch Episode Five

In episode five, we’re looking at playing golf in the summer. What can golfers wear that will protect them from the sun but also stop them from overheating?

Heather explains what you need to look out for when buying clothes for summer golf, including one essential that every golfer should have in their golf bag.

Watch Episode Six

In episode six, I've brought along a pair of white capri trousers from Puma which I was given as part of my 40 by 40 challenge last year. It took me 11 months to actually get round to wearing them as I always worry about making them dirty, vpl issues and what happens when it rains?!

Watch the video to see Heather explaining how to wear white bottoms, so that we can feel more comfortable and she pairs the white capris with a gorgeous top from Daily Sports. It's definitely my favourite outfit combination so far.

Watch Episode Seven

In episode seven, we’re talking about knees. Yes, we know as the weather heats up, the legwear can get shorter but some women just don’t feel comfortable showing their knees but equally don’t want a tan line across their calves. What options do these golfers have?

Watch the video to see Heather explaining what legwear options are available, plus some really handy tips for buying legwear online.

Watch Episode Eight

In episode eight, I've brought along a Callaway skort that Women & Golf were sent to wear last year. We often get press samples to use and now that we're into a new year and new season, how can this look be updated? Maybe you have an item of clothing that you bought a few years ago and you would like to buy a new top or bottoms to make a new outfit.

In this video, Heather gives some useful tips about buying something to match a colour you already have. She also explains about core items that brands produce every year and keeps the look "simple but not boring" to make an outfit from my Callaway skort.

We hope you have enjoyed this eight-part series with GolfGarb. This is the first time we have produced a fashion series, so please do drop me an email with any feedback you may have and any topics you would like to see covered in future episodes. Email me here.

If you have any questions about golf clothing, then do not hesitate to contact GolfGarb who will be happy to help - [email protected]

Thank you to Henry Terry @henryoncamera from Enahgy for recording and editing the series.

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