Sportviz, the adaptable prescription eyewear range has introduced the XTS Sun Core - ideal for golf, guaranteeing clarity of vision for reading the greens as well as following the ball.

Sportviz, the adaptable prescription eyewear range, has introduced the XTS Sun Core. Ideal for all golfers, the XTS Sun Core guarantees clarity of vision for reading the greens as well as following the ball.

Like all Sportviz products, the XTS Sun Core can be purchased with or without the unique patented Sportviz prescription Inzert, which contains the wearer’s exact ophthalmic prescription, ensuring 20/20 vision while golfing. Developed by optical experts, lens options include single vision, bifocal and varifocal.

Many surfaces on the course can reflect light and cause glare e.g. water features, ponds, and some bunkers, which can cause bright light to bounce off, sending it straight into the golfer’s eyes. When this occurs, the light becomes polarized. This may cause headaches, eyestrain and in some cases temporary blindness. Sportviz XTS Core is the perfect solution for the golf course as the polarized lenses only allow vertical light to pass through, therefore blocking out the glare.

Manufactured from durable TR90 featuring Hydrogrip technology, XTS Sun Core offers maximum eye protection, security and comfort. The lightweight yet hard wearing sunglasses use Azion materials - designed to ensure the players can comfortably take their shot.

The frame is available in four different colours including Blue, Black, White and Grey.

The frame is then fitted with Chromalite Polyamide polarized sun lenses for glare free vision and maximum visibility below the surface. Sportviz polarized lenses offer full UV400 protection blocking 100% UVA and UVB to protect eyes in extreme sun conditions.

Available in four colours, polarized lens options include Brown Gradient, Grey Gradient, Gold Mirror and Blue Mirror.

Sportviz lenses are also interchangeable and can be quickly swapped depending on lighting conditions. Additional lens options include Yellow Contrast Lenses and Clear Protective Lenses which can be purchased for as little as £10 per pair.

The Sportviz XTS Core is priced at £49.95, including a cleaning cloth, microfiber pouch and solid case. The prescription lens Inzert can then be purchased for as little as £25 for single vision lenses, and is fully interchangeable in all other Sportviz and Aquaviz products including swim, snorkel, dive and ski masks.


RRP: £49.95
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