Protect your eyes with style. Designed specifically for golf, PeakVision glasses feature innovate lenses with great optical clarity and comfy frames ideal or a whole round of golf through varied light conditions.

PeakVision is a range of performance sunglasses specifically designed for Golf. With superb clarity and comfortable frames, PeakVision sunglasses have become increasingly popular with golfers in the USA.

The success of the lens technology has lead to a partnership with the Nicklaus brand and use on the PGA TOUR, including a recent win for Kevin Streelman at the 2014 Travelers Championship.

A range specifically designed for golf is now worn by golfers of every level. PeakVision founder Paul Moore set out to create a lens which provided great optical clarity and could also be worn for an entire round of golf through varied light conditions.

The result represents a radical step in optical design and manufacturing. The material used in PeakVision lenses is a revolutionary optical polymer that offers superior optical clarity and uniformity as well as being scratch resistant, durable, and ultra-light weight compared to polycarbonate. PeakVision lens technology eliminates distortion, improves vision, and offers 100% UV400 protection.

The patented dual-zone lens technology integrates two unique filters. The neutral-density gray tinting in the upper zone reduces glare and allows for accurate distance perception. The spectrally-tuned amber colour in the lower zone adds clarity, highlighting the contours on the ground, turf, and terrain. Incorporating these two filters into one lens balances the lighting extremes, enhances speed of perception, and provides decreased eye fatigue.


Dr Bob Rotella, the world’s preeminent sports psychologist and performance coach stated “The eyes are the windows to the mind. When you are uncertain about what your eyes are seeing, you make decisions that cause doubt to settle in resulting in poor decisions that you cannot trust. When your vision is clear, you make clear-cut decisions that increase your confidence. PeakVision’s Dual-Zone lens technology is clearly the best I have ever seen. PeakVision are the only sunglasses I can wear for golf and I recommend them to everyone.”

Golfers wearing PeakVision sunglasses gain complete protection for their eyes as well as increasing the visual information they receive throughout a round of golf.

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