In this episode, Heather explains the different options available when it comes to sun protection and keeping cool on the golf course

Welcome to a new golf fashion series with GolfGarb. Over the coming weeks, we’ll tackle some of GolfGarb’s most asked questions from women golfers, give tips for buying golf clothing online and provide inspiration to update items you may already have in your wardrobe.

In today’s episode, we’re looking at playing golf in the summer. What can golfers wear that will protect them from the sun but also stop them from overheating?

Heather explains what you need to look out for when buying clothes for summer golf, including one essential that every golfer should have in their golf bag.

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Always look out for the UPF rating on golf clothing, which means making sure you read the description of any clothing you are buying online, this gives you an indication of the sort of protection you will get. It's not just about tops and polo shirts, this applies to leg wear and dresses too.

In the next episode, Heather will attempt to update an item from Emma's golf wardrobe that has been relegated to rarely or never worn. Hopefully, it may inspire others to use golf clothing they already have but may not wear as often.

If you have any questions about golf clothing, then do not hesitate to contact GolfGarb who will be happy to help - [email protected]

Thank you to Henry Terry @henryoncamera from Enahgy for recording and editing the series.

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