In this episode, Emma challenges Heather to help her wear a sleeveless polo shirt she bought but has never worn

Welcome to a new golf fashion series with GolfGarb. Over the coming weeks, we’ll tackle some of GolfGarb’s most asked questions from women golfers, give tips for buying golf clothing online and provide inspiration to update items you may already have in your wardrobe.

In today’s episode, I've brought along an item from my wardrobe which has been relegated to rarely or never worn and I am challenging Heather from GolfGarb to update the look.

You may remember from Episode 2 that I brought in a Glenmuir dress which I had bought at a golf fashion show I attended at a golf club in 2020 (before lockdown). At the same fashion event, I bought a sleeveless polo.

The polo shirt has everything I like in this sort of item of golf clothing - it's sleeveless, it's got lots of shades of blue in it (my favourite colour) and it's not a nice long body which I prefer. With all that being said I have never worn the polo shirt.

Watch the video to find out how Heather pushes me out of my comfort zone by embracing some bold contrast colours, explaining that it's easy for us to keep to colours we always wear. Heather also adds some accessories to finish off the outfit.

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Hopefully that has given you some inspiration for an item of golf clothing you may have in your wardrobe. Before speaking to Heather, there was no way, I would be so bold with colours, so I can recommend at least trying to step out of your comfort zone when you next come to buying something to compliment what you already have in your wardrobe. It can be a great way to elevate and make something feel new again.

In the next episode, we’re looking at playing golf in the summer. What can golfers wear that will protect them from the sun but also stop them from overheating?

If you have any questions about golf clothing, then do not hesitate to contact GolfGarb who will be happy to help - [email protected]

Thank you to Henry Terry @henryoncamera from Enahgy for recording and editing the series.

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