In this episode, we're discussing polo shirts - Heather talks through the wide variety available and showcases some popular styles

Welcome to a new golf fashion series with GolfGarb. Over the coming weeks, we’ll tackle some of GolfGarb’s most asked questions from women golfers, give tips for buying golf clothing online and provide inspiration to update items you may already have in your wardrobe.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about polo shirts. Long gone are the days when you just picked up a short sleeved cotton polo. The choice is vast but with varying sleeve lengths, it can be confusing. So, which sleeve length looks best Heather?

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We really are lucky that there are such an array of polo shirt choices out there for women. Hopefully Heather has given you some ideas of the style of polo shirt that would suit you. Did anyone else know about how flattering 3/4 length sleeves are?!

In the next episode, Heather will attempt to update an item from Emma's golf wardrobe that has been relegated to rarely or never worn. Hopefully, it may inspire others to use golf clothing they already have but may not wear as often.

If you have any questions about golf clothing, then do not hesitate to contact GolfGarb who will be happy to help - [email protected]

Thank you to Henry Terry @henryoncamera from Enahgy for recording and editing the series.

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