Thanks to OCEANTEE, we're now able to go plastic free both on and off the golf course.

OCEANTEE, the golf brand that brought us the game-changing bamboo golf tees, has now launched a collection of women’s golf clothes.

The small but perfectly formed new OCEANTEE apparel range is totally biodegradable and made from plastic-free fabric.

But that's not all, 25 percent of the total corporate profits also go to marine conservation charities who are working to combat plastic pollution.

If, like us, you're trying to reduce the amount of plastics you use, we're sure you'll be interested to know how you can make your golf equipment as eco-friendly as possible.

Everything from the production processes to the packaging is designed to have minimal impact on the environment too.

In fact, the clothes are manufactured in the only factory in the world that meets the 'textiles procurement standard' set by Greenpeace.

Ed Sandison, Founder of OCEANTEE, is hoping his brand will lead the way in making golf apparel and equipment kinder to the environment.

He said: “OCEANTEE combines my two passions golf and the ocean. As a former marine conservationist I know first-hand the impact of plastic pollution. Most sports clothing uses plastic fabrics, but with new innovations such as ROICA Eco-Smart performing equally well there really is no need for the industry to carry on using them. Our ethos is to be fair and ethical which means that our sustainable clothing range will cater for women just as well as it does for men.”

The collection

  • The Mako polo


    Named after the species of endangered shark, the Mako polo comes in a choice of shades of blue. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton blended with ROICA-Eco Smart (the world’s first biodegradable elastane), this clever polo will naturally decompose once it’s no longer needed

  • The Silvertip sweater


    Made from the same environmentally-conscious fabric as the polo, this comfortable pullover is designed to move with your golf swing and offer total freedom of movement. 

  • Ocean Tee

    Bamboo golf tees


    Think how many plastic and wooden tees you get through even in a single year? These bamboo tees are totally biodegradable so if you’re trying to adjust your lifestyle to be more eco-friendly and plastic free, making the switch to bamboo tees is a great place to start.  

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