The Shaka, a hand gesture which originated in Hawaii, is the latest light-hearted addition to the G/FORE range and has made a serious splash, with designs featuring colourful gloves.


G/FORE's latest umbrella is set to make positive waves in even the most miserable weather.

The Shaka - a hand gesture which originated in Hawaii and has become a surfer's favourite - is the latest light-hearted addition to the range, which has made a serious splash with designs featuring the colourful G/FORE gloves.

The custom 62" Haas-Jordan design features wind-vents on all eight panels, solid fibreglass ribs, black braided fibreglass shaft, slip-resistant ergonomic handle, and custom epoxy dome handle medallion.

The first three versions - a thumbs-up, a peace sign and...a hand signal which invites the wet weather to go on its merry way - were showered with praise when they were launched.

And the latest umbrella, which retails at £85, is to set to create a new wave of interest as it ensures golfers stay dry in a downpour.

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