OCEANTEE launch a cap range which tracks exactly where in the ocean the plastic waste used to manufacture the cap was collected from.

OCEANTEE, the sustainable golf brand, has launched a new cap range that introduces yet another revolutionary technology to the golf market.  The pioneering cap range has been produced using recycled ocean plastic – exactly three bottles per cap, in fact – but that’s not the innovation that’s going to change the way we think about recycled waste.  It’s a simple QR code.

Available in classic and flat brim designs, the Pacific Caps look incredible with some featuring contrast wave accents, and others with bold patterns incorporating the OCEANTEE logo.  Look a little closer and you’ll discover a unique technology that allows the owner to see for themselves the difference they are making to the world as a result of their purchase.

Find the origins of your cap

In the back of each cap is a QR code that when scanned allows the wearer to see exactly where in the ocean the plastic waste used to manufacture the cap was collected from.  You can then follow its journey from the ocean to the palm of your hand!

All of this is made possible by an organisation called Waste2Wear, whose Ocean Plastic Project collects ocean plastics from beaches and shorelines around the world.  The plastic bottles are shipped to a recycling plant where they’re washed to remove the labels and then dried.  The clean bottles are shredded and washed again, before the flakes are moulded into small pellets.  The pellets are then melted and moulded before being extruded into yarn.

OCEANTEE Pacific cap addresses two issues

This amazing company was launched to address two issues – the staggering amount of plastic waste that is never recycled, and the world’s desire to own new clothes.  Ed Sandison, Founder of OCEANTEE explains their ethos:

“They believe, as do we, that waste is only waste when we don’t do anything with it.  Every day, tons of plastic waste is thrown away.  However, when we collect it and handle it correctly, this plastic can actually be a viable, eco-friendly and sustainable resource!”

As well as being good for the planet, the caps have a premium, comfortable feel as well as an anti-microbial and sweat resistant headband. And to top it off, the caps come packaged in a fully biodegradable bag.  All yours for just £29.99.

The OCEANTEE range now includes drinks bottles, men’s and women’s clothing as well as its award-winning bamboo tee range and can be bought direct online at www.oceanteegolf.com.