W&G REVIEW: The Ezone XP is part of a new range of ladies’ woods. The theme behind the line is ‘ultimate power’ and comes courtesy of Yonex’s patented Dual Tungsten Power (DTP) System.

By placing a 20g Tungsten Powder inside the grip along with a Tungsten screw in the clubhead, counterbalanced by an incredibly lightweight shaft, this club is built for explosive distance.

That power should be effortless thanks to the low, deep centre of gravity position inside the head to promote a high launch trajectory and extra forgiveness.

W&G says: "It has a solid feel off the face and there are no nasty vibrations on slight mishits. The club is lightweight yet very controllable to swing and produces effortless distance – a perfect combination. It’s easy to adjust the set-up of this club by using the screwdriver-like tool and you can genuinely see a difference in the flight of your shots. The shiny black crown contrasted by devilish red side stripes might be a sinister and masculine-looking for some women, but this certainly gives it stand-out appeal when alongside other clubs."

RRP: £149 – Available 4 (22°), 5 (25°), 6 (28°)
For more information please visit www.yonex.co.uk