The new Zoom glove has been launched on the market by the same people which designs BIX MAX trolleys and bags, and claims to fit all perfectly. 


A new glove has been launched on the market, created by Austrian European Tour player Markus Brier and owned the same people which designs BIX MAX trolleys and bags, which claims to fit all.

The ZOOM glove follows the contours of the golfers hand for a natural fit, meaning that it really does 'fit like a golf.'

The ingenious mix of flex zones are designed to accommodate various hand sizes and create a natural, second-skin feel. SHAPE-FIT creates 80% less wrinkles than traditional gloves meaning there is a much closer connection to the golf grip. This technology delivers an unsurpassed level of feedback and helps the glove stay in perfect shape round after round. And finally, INSTANT-FIT means that all of the comfort and performance characteristics are in place from shot one, you just have to get on with playing in perfect comfort.

While all ZOOM gloves feature the brand’s core technology, they come in three distinct designs. ZOOM TOUR features premium cabretta leather, delivering the instant feedback and superb feel favoured by many better players. ZOOM GRIP utilises tacky suede material to ensure the ultimate connection to the golf club, promoting an easy, tension free swing, and ZOOM WEATHER is covered with a honeycomb nylon pattern on the palm for enhanced grip, whatever the weather.

In addition to the most modern technology, ZOOM gloves feature several colour combinations that make them stand out from the crowd. With choice of technology, multiple colour combinations and one size that fits all, ZOOM takes all the guess work out of buying a golf glove. You’ll never have to compromise for the glove that fits you best, every golfer can now wear the glove that is perfect for their hand and will get the best out of their game.

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