SkyCaddie’s new SX400 gives golfers the powerful features found in the award-winning, Tour-proven SX500 model, in a more compact size.

Compact SX400 Joins SkyCaddie’s GPS Range

SkyCaddie’s new SX400 gives golfers the powerful features found in the award-winning, Tour-proven SX500 model, in a more compact size. The SkyCaddie SX400 is available in the UK from October 2019 at RRP £299.95.

Save time and play faster on the golf course with the SX400 and SX500, both with ultra-fast multi-core processors which make them not only golf’s fastest golf GPS units – but also the fastest distance measuring devices golfers can use.

With its 4-inch HD touch screen the SX400 joins the larger SX500 (5-inch screen) in delivering golf’s quickest and most comprehensive way to measure yardages while providing the best-possible view of every hole you play.

Because both the SX400 and SX500 have Wi-Fi connectivity which literally ‘cuts the cord’ to your computer, you can now wirelessly download SkyCaddie’s very latest course maps and software updates within moments, right before you play.

And here’s great news if you compete in golf events: the new SX400 and the SX500 both conform with the R&A’s legal guidelines for use in competition, after Rule 4.3a (1) was modified in 2019 to allow the use of distance measuring devices during competitive play, unless prohibited under a Local Rule.

Distances to the Pin – and much more

Last year SkyCaddie introduced the features-packed SX500, with the best battery life and the largest, most vivid display in golf.

James Holmes, SkyCaddie’s General Manager UK & Europe, said: “We have included all of the SX500’s advanced stroke-saving features in the SkyCaddie SX400, for golfers wanting a more compact version of this game-changing device.

“To get incredible multi-round battery life, you charge the SX400 through the latest USB-C cable, which is reversible and easy to locate.

“The graphics and interface of the new SX400 are stunning to look at and intuitive to use, and it gives you the same information that tour pros get from their caddies."

“After four wins and dozens of top ten finishes for the SX500 so far on the European senior Staysure Tour,” he continued, “a growing number of elite golfers are now telling us that the features provided by SkyCaddie’s new GPS devices mean that they no longer need their laser or even a yardage book.

“All a golfer has to do is try a single round with the SX400 or SX500, and they will grasp instantly why the Tour golfers are now using them.

“The true clincher, for serious golfers, is that the SX400 and SX500 both have the ability to show today’s pin positions. This most appeals to golfers who previously relied on the limited-vision, single-yardage option which a laser provides.

“The new SX400 and its bigger brother the SX500 both provide all the information the best players in the game need, in a faster and easier way, so they can focus on playing their best golf.

“We believe that SkyCaddie’s SX400 and SX500 are the best-priced, easiest to use, and most features-packed distance measuring devices on the market today.”  

Like the SX500, the new SX400 includes a host of patented technology and stroke-saving features developed by SkyCaddie to help users play golf like a pro.

For approach shots to the green, SkyCaddie’s Pin Position feature – found in both the SX400 and SX500 – obsoletes lasers by providing the ability to get distances to today’s pin positions while also getting all the benefits of SkyCaddie’s detailed IntelliGreen and IntelliGreen Pro maps.

Using the SX400’s Pin Position feature is a doddle: you simply customise the pin settings by entering the day’s pin sheet or pin zone information into your SkyCaddie to get accurate yardages to today’s pin position.

And with your pin positions loaded, the new SX400 gives you information only normally available from a tour caddie. Commonly, amateur golfers under-club when hitting into the green, so the SX400’s at-a-glance yardages to the front and back of the green directly over the pin really help you to choose the right club.

Or, if you’re attacking the pin directly, you have the distance to today’s flagstick instantly, on the screen, without having to aim.

Because SkyCaddie mappers have already paced out every detail of the green ahead of you, the SX400 shows you its exact shape, depth and major contours on the green from anywhere on the golf course, filling you with confidence to hit your best shot to the green. 

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