PrideSports has launched four new tees for the summer, including mini tees for hybrids, Titanium super-strength wooden tees, a Plastic tee family and Micro Tees for reduced friction.

PrideSports has unveiled an extensive line of new PTS tees for 2014.

PTS Mini Tee for Hybrids

Head to your nearest golf club and chances are you’ll see hybrids in every player’s bag, on any given day. They’re now present in almost every Tour player’s bag across the world. But, as yet, no brand has delivered a tee solution to meet this demand.

Pride Sports’ Professional Tee System (PTS) Mini Tee has been configured to offer golfers the optimum tee height for hybrids.

Using the hugely successful PTS colour system, and available in 1-1/2 length, the PTS Mini Tee is sure to become a must-have in the pockets of any serious golfer.

PTS Titanium Tee for Added Durability

Another strong new member of the PTS family comes in the form of the new ‘Titanium’ model.

A brainchild of PrideSports’ Research and Development programme in the United States, Titanium tee is formed from wood, but features an ultra-durable, thicker shank for titanium-like strength.

Of course, this means less breakage and fewer tees used throughout a round, with absolutely no difference in resistance through impact.

The Titanium super-strength wooden tee is available in 2-3/4 and 3-1/4 length.

 PTS Plastic Tee Family

PrideSports have expanded the coveted PTS line even further, branching out into different components to produce offerings to suit every serious golfer’s preferences.

The new PTS Plastic Tee Family have been designed to offer exactly the same, Tour-proven aesthetic as the original PTS, but are structured from an ABS material for those who desire the unbreakable nature of this compound.

These new models utilise the PTS colour system commonplace in pro-shops worldwide, and are available in standard shapes that mirror their wooden counterparts. Lengths include 2-3/4 and 3-1/4.

PTS Micro Tee for Reduced Friction

The company has also added to the evolving line of PTS’s wooden offering with the Micro Tee. This innovation offers golfers a head that’s 20% smaller than a traditional tee, significantly reducing friction at impact, resulting in cleaner contact and improved ball striking.

Despite the fact that less material has been sacrificed, there’s absolutely no compromise on balance or performance thanks to PrideSports’ clever redesign of the tee-head.

The Micro Tee is available in with PrideSports’ renowned PTS colour identification system, and available in 2-3/4 length.

All models will be widely available in pro-shops throughout 2014.