The Swing Plane Perfector is a tool that utilises Alignment Sticks with pinpoint precision and accuracy. Portable, constant and repeatable precision - session after session. New Year, new swing!

The Perfector was born out of a chance encounter between a PGA Teaching Pro and an engineer on his first golfing lesson.

The idea was to develop an easy precise drill or teaching aid to move the golf club on the back swing from an address position into the position where the left arm is parallel to the ground whilst keeping the club head travelling on plane. The engineer took up the challenge and between the two of them the Perfector was born 9 Months later.

Adjustable for any angle to facilitate individual’s height and length of clubs. Can be used anywhere: On grass utilising lawn spikes; Designed for fitting to driving range mat; Or free standing using allignment sticks.

Small and light in order to fit in the pocket of a golf bag with no set-up time, the Perfector is ready for use instantly. Engineered entirely out of solid aluminium by British Engineering. Quality is assured.  The Perfector comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

RRP: £116
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