W&G REVIEW: SkyPro is about the size of a flash drive and weighs less than 30g. Attach it to the shaft of any club and send thousands of critical data points about a your swing via Bluetooth to your smartphone!

SkyPro is about the size of a flash drive, and weighs less than 30g. It attaches easily to the shaft of any golf club just below the grip making it virtually undetectable.

Thousands of critical data points about a golfer's swing path, club head speed, swing plane, club face rotation, shaft angles and much more... are instantly sent via Bluetooth to a FREE app on their smartphone to view their swing from address back to impact from any angle in true 3D high-definition.

SkyPro makes practice fun and rewarding by building a repeatable golf swing and putting stroke with tips and drills from top golf instructors.

W&G review: "Not being the most technical person, when I first opened the SkyPro box I was a little apprehensive – but soon after reading the instructions, it was fully charged and ready to go.

Downloading the iphone App was straightforward – with full instructions appearing to build a profile and calibrate the club. Attaching the SkyPro device on the shaft under the grip was easy and the connectors held it firmly in place. Calibrating was fun!

Balancing an iphone on the face of the club and holding it down with both thumbs on the blue pads was a little tricky - then waggling it back and forth whilst the club is under you armpit does take a little getting used to – but the real fun starts when you see the words ‘Start Swinging’ appear.

Instantly my swing analysis showed my back swing was too inside, my shaft lean at address was too forward and I was over swinging! Something to work on straightaway without being too technical. Although I have only touched on the very basics, SkyPro is impressive and give2 you instant feedback on your performance."

SRP: £169.95
Compatible with Apple devices operating iOS6 or greater including all iPhones from iPhone 4 onwards, and the iPod Touch 5th Gen.

There is also a native iPad version of the App. A fully-charged SkyPro works for 8 hours of continuous golf swings – easily enough for even the most committed golfer.

The Putting Analysis feature does not require additional hardware.

For more information please visit www.golfskypro.com