Jane Lees reviews one of the latest golf bag releases from golf brand OGIO - the Shadow stand golf bag

The SHADOW golf stand bag is the latest addition to OGIO’s industry-defining portfolio of golf bag products. OGIO (Our Gear Is Organised) have been making high quality durable premium golf products since the late 1980.

Having used a stand bag for most of the winter when it was carry only, this extremely good looking luxury bag was definitely a step up on my current bag.

OGIO SHADOW Golf Bag 2024
The OGIO SHADOW stand bag (Classic White & Blue Earth shown)

The marketing spiel says the stand bag takes "inspiration from the aerodynamic lines and meticulously crafted details of a luxury sports car". You can definitely see that as you look around the bag. Even the padded shoulder straps have a Formula 1 feel about them.  

OGIO Shadow golf bag - Looks

In my opinion, this bag looks and feels like a premium product. The material is Premium Synthetic Leather. I normally associate OGIO with colourful funky-looking bags but this bag oozes class.

OGIO positions itself as a modern golf bag brand that allows golfers to express themselves. They call it the MILD to WILD effect. So we are definitely erring on the mild side here.

Colour-wise, blue is my favourite colour, but I have to say the classic white version is a statement piece. The bag has a fine-looking pair of legs (carbon fibre) and a strong structure with good stability even with 11+ clubs in it. There is premium stitching on the top, main and bottom handles and a perforated effect across the bag which I can't decide if I like or not (is it a subtle reference to old style driving gloves?).

OGIO Shadow golf bag - Practicalities

The OGIO Shadow stand golf bag has 4-way, multi-material top with full length dividers. There are 9 pockets in total, one of which is a water bottle pocket. There is also an umbrella holder and pen and tee sleeves. I particularly like the quality of the zips and umbrella holder drawstring. There is also a zippered valuables pocket which is nice and deep, and my particular favourite, a magnetised accessories pocket at the front. There's also a large apparel pocket, a ball pocket and 2 elastic mesh pockets. You definitely won't run out of places to store your gear.

The perforated hip pad is a welcome addition and the substantial shoulder pads really feel secure. You can use two or one shoulders straps depending on your preference. I believe the bag is delivered with a single strap & the second strap in the large apparel pocket. Here's the video to show you how to convert to 2 straps.

Having never used a bag with individual dividers I can't comment on whether a 4-way divider is worse or not. My clubs didn't seem to clink around but I do have headcovers on all my clubs.

When empty, the bag weighs just 2.5kg and as well as being able to carry, the hybrid bottom allows it to sit easily on any push or electric trolley. I've tried it on a trolley and it fit perfectly - no, moving around or twisting as I have experienced in the past. The ability to have one bag which I can use to carry or put on my trolley is a big bonus.

Stand bag that works equally well as a trolley bag

My only gripe with this bag? Although there is a towel loop, there are no clips. I do like to clip my towel onto something otherwise I find it sliding off my bag during the round. But maybe that's just me.

Is the bag waterproof?

Here's what OGIO say about the SHADOW stand golf bag

Inspired by the aerodynamic lines and meticulously crafted details of a luxury sports car, the OGIO SHADOW emerges to deliver a golf experience like no other. Designed for the discerning golfer who desires a classic look and engineered with modern technology, premium materials and next-level organization that is unmistakably OGIO. The bag combines a modern design with a timeless aesthetic, including a perforated hip pad for maximum carrying comfort and a magnetic pocket for accessories. 

RRP: £369.00

Four distinct colourways – classic White, silvery Moon, a rich blue Earth or sleek black Midnight

Dimensions - 13"W x 17"D x 35"H (Easy to fit in a car boot) | Weight 5.6lbs/ 2.5kg

Discover more about the OGIO Shadow golf stand bag by clicking here.

Read the latest OGIO press release.

We like...

  • Lightweight - making it easy to carry if you wish
  • Hybrid - the ability to carry or use on a trolley
  • Colour - elegant, premium look
  • Dividers - 14-way makes it really easy to select the club you want to play
  • Material - high quality and ability to wipe clean
  • Carrying - comfy padded straps

We dislike...

  • Towel holder - prefer a clip not a strap
  • Price - may be prohibitive

Final Score

Overall I was really impressed with the OGIO SHADOW golf stand bag. The quality of the materials is plain to see. Its a classic looking bag and looks and feels like a premium product.

The quality of workmanship is high and there are lots of pockets which is a big plus. But it is still light. The magnetic pockets were great and the 2-zip front pocket showed nothing had been spared materials-wise.

Another big plus point is the fact that it can be used as a carry or cart bag, switching easily between the two due to the hybrid trolley compatible base.

I would highly recommend this bag.