What is the best putter?

Find a new level of confidence on the greens this year with the help of an innovative new putter. In our latest equipment review, Carly Frost put seven putters to the test. 


They Say...

The unique selling point of our new E-Zone putters is their G-Brid head construction. This hybrid provides the optimum centre of gravity whilst expanding the sweet spot for improved accuracy and a soft feel off the face. The putter has CNC milling on the face which applies the optimal ball contact to generate the ideal forward rotation for a smooth roll at the hole

I Say...

For a company that aren’t historically known for great putters, the performance and look of this Yonex putter was truly excellent. I love the simplicity of the silver leading edge contrasting against the black back of the putter with a very clear alignment line. It made aiming super easy. The milled face gave a fantastic feel and really good feedback, allowing me to judge the pace of putts with perfection.


 What is the best putter


They Say...

The Crystal putter is designed for the lady player seeking consistent success on the greens. This heel/toe weighted blade style putter will suit those searching for more simplicity on the greens, with a central sight line for easy alignment. A hot pink soft PU insert has been added to the face for improved roll, distance and accuracy. The Crystal is available in 33”-35” (with custom lengths on request).

I Say...

A simple yet effective design that won’t break the bank. The classical blade-style head will suit most eyes and the bold alignment line makes aiming easy. The luminous pink grip is certainly eye-catching and has a lovely flat front so your hands can sit squarely to the target. It co-ordinates with the bright PU insert that gives an incredible soft feel, although a little plain to look at, but nevertheless great for feedback.


PING G Le ARNA £169.00

They Say...

Aiming is easier, forgiveness is high, and feel is exceptional in our three new ladies GLe putter models including the Caru blade, Arna mid-mallet and the Oslo mallet. The 17-4 stainless steel Arna mid-mallet in this test has a precision machined face. All three models feature our True Roll Face Technology that provides ball speed consistency, enabling you to make more putts and reducing three-putts

I Say...

I love the soft satin sheen finish to this putter. It doesn’t glare in sunlight. The half moon shape and square grip combine to help the putter sit nicely behind the ball. The simple white central aim line is helpful and the top-end machine grooves ensure a consistent roll with a firm but responsive feel. The forward hosel helped me put my hands forward at address, which felt good on short putts, helping me strike the ball on a slightly upward swing arc, imparting a touch of topspin for an even smoother roll out.


What is the best putter 2 


They Say...

There are six classic head shapes in our new Infinite putter line, each featuring counter-balanced technology (weight in the heel and toe) for a more controlled putting stroke. Inspired by our company headquarters in Chicago, each putter is named after a local landmark or neighbourhood. The putters have a dark, matte finish to reduce glare and accentuate sight lines.

I Say...

A really great putter, which reminds me a little bit of the old Wilson TPA putters, that Nick Faldo used when he was at the top of his game. It’s very simple to line up and has a no-thrills appearance. The milled finish gave a good responsive feel off the face and the soft grip was great to hold, offering good feedback. The dark finish to the head allows you to focus really nicely on the white alignment lines. I made a lot of short putts with this putter.



They Say...

The Spider Tour Red has perimeter weighting for added stability and an added sight line to zero in your focus, boost confidence and help you drain more putts. It features our Pure Roll insert, which combines 45° grooves with a softer polymer to increase topspin and improve forward roll across varying surfaces, helping your ball start and stay on its intended line.

I Say...

The Spider Red is one of the most distinctive and popular putters on Tour at the moment (remember Sergio Garcia winning the Masters with it in 2017). I was instantly impressed with how the unique shape of the head helps it to sit flat to the green and stay low in the stoke, so the chance of the hands interfering and twisting putts off-line was virtually impossible. I love the vibrant red finish with the bold sight line. This is a brilliant putter if you use an alignment line on the ball to help you hole out.


What is the best putter 3


They Say...

Odyssey is the number one putter across the worldwide tours and our new O-Works Red putters are the result of extensive tour testing and feedback from the world’s best players. They feature our new Microhinge face insert to boost topspin for an unmatched true, smooth ball roll no matter what your stroke. The No 7 model in this test has a short slant neck hosel that promotes more toe overhang and face rotation, a feeling man professionals prefer.

I Say...

I instantly fell in love with the striking red finish to this putter, it really made the white alignment centre dots and lines easy to see, and so lining the putter up was simple. I found that the face insert gave a nice soft feel, giving me confidence to roll the ball into the hole with a little more speed. The super stroke grip with the counterbalance weight in the end made the putter feel very balanced, improving my ability to control my tempo and therefore lag putts with perfect distance control.


 What is the best putter 4


They Say...

The Inovai 3.0 is our latest masterpiece. This unique design is made up of both aluminium and stainless steel. The aluminium is used in the face to create our softest feeling putter yet and the stainless steel back weight creates the density needed for perfect head weight. This slight toe hang mallet has extreme perimeter weighting which promotes a stable stroke and larger sweet spot.

I Say...

This putter is made from very high-end materials and oozes quality. If you are looking for something a little different then this very innovative design will appeal. The shape definitely encourages a slight forward press of the hands, ideal for swinging the putter through on an upward arc that imparts a smoother roll on the ball. The very weighty feel to the head helped me create a smooth pendulum style stroke, producing a very consistent roll, time after time.



Image credit: Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


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