Wilson Golf Staff Model putter range offers classic designs and balanced weighting to give ultimate control on the greens

Wilson Golf has unveiled a new Staff Model putter range of four stylish models, each one precision milled from exclusive 304 Stainless Steel to deliver exceptional feel and performance-balanced weighting for ultimate control on the greens.

Building on the premium franchise that raised the bar when models like the Staff Model Blade, CB iron, Utility Iron, wedges and Tour performance ball were launched, the latest Staff Model putters mirror the requirements of golfers looking for different head shapes to match their preferred putting strokes.

They include a modern version of the iconic Wilson 8802 putter, as well as the TM22 (Tech Mallet), MT22 (Mallet), BL22 (Blade) lines.

Wilson Staff Putter line-up
Wilson Staff Model Putter line-up

All four models are 100% precision milled with exceptionally tight tolerances to provide the perfect combination of stability and forgiveness. Three of the designs also feature heel-to-toe weighting for the ultimate feel and roll on the greens.

“The Staff Model franchise has been one of the most successful in the history of the Wilson Golf brand in recent years and any products carrying the name must be premium standard as these four new putter models are,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Golf Club Innovation.

“The designs of the new range reflect the putter styles that golfers favour the most and all four of the new models incorporate incredible attention to detail that will make them stand out and perform well on the greens,” he added.

Introducing the new Staff Model putter range

Wilson Staff 8802 Putter
Wilson Staff Model 8802 Putter

The latest 8802 putter takes its inspiration from the original classic model, with a shaft over hosel design for smooth, seamless transition from shaft-to-head at address. The putter face features horizontal flywheels to help contact with the ball, supported by a skimmed milled surface on the back.

The TM22 is a popular double-fang mallet with a slant neck design for maximum forgiveness and stability. It also features a high MOI with a ¾ shaft offset and moderate toe hang.

Wilson Staff TM22 Putter
Wilson Staff Model TM22 Putter

The elegantly simple MT22 is a half-round mallet with a short slant neck design and medium toe hang. Along with the TM22 and BL22, the MT22 offers two weight finishes of either a machine finished outer edge, or a machine-watched bezel edge around the 10-gram weight at the toe and heel.

Wilson Staff MT22 Putter
Wilson Staff Model MT22 Putter

The BL22 is a Tour-proven blade style putter with a Plumber’s Neck hosel design for a clean set up and alignment to the ball, plus a medium toe hang and a full shaft offset at address.

Wilson Staff BL22 Putter
Wilson Staff Model BL22 Putter

Each Staff Model putter comes in a 3.0-degree loft, 71 degree lie angle and a choice of three lengths - 33”, 34” and 35”.

Added to the popular Wilson INFINITE putter line-up

The new Staff Model putters are added to the popular Wilson INFINITE putter line-up that provides golfers of all abilities with an extensive choice of high-performance putters.

There are a total of nine INFINITE models - each one named after landmarks and neighbourhoods in the brand’s home city of Chicago. They incorporate Counterbalance Technology that combines a heavier head and grip weights to move the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother and more controlled putting stroke.

The grip on INFINITE putters includes an oversize design construction to provide a stable feel and limit rotation during stroke. They also feature a black anti-glare finish to accentuate the sight lines that have been stripped back to improve alignment at address.

“The Staff Model range sits perfectly alongside the existing INFINITE range to provide golfers with a greater choice of Wilson putters, all featuring different characteristics, looks and performance to suit their game,” added Pergande.

New Staff Model putters available in limited quantities

Wilson Staff Model Putter grip
Wilson Staff Model putter featuring a Lamkin Deep Etch grip

The latest Staff Model putters will be available in limited quantities from October 2022 with a KBS Tour 120 shaft and a Lamkin Deep Etch grip which features a softer-feeling Genesis Material enhancing the user performance. It’s prominent horizontal etched pattern, traditional paddle, and smaller profile provide maximum responsiveness, while its Deep-Etch design is ideal for golfers with an arc, or arc-to-straight putting style when utilising a traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip style. Available in black, red, blue or grey.

The TM22 and BL22 are available in a left-handed option. Custom fit loft, lie and length options are available with SuperStroke grip choices.

Each Staff Model putter has an RRP of £370 / €330.

For more information on all Wilson Golf products, including woods, irons, wedges, putters, balls and accessories, visit www.wilson.com

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