Pro Trolley golf shop, in Norfolk, is starting a campaign to get more people in the golf by offering a full range of new and exciting products for people who are looking to get into the sport.

Pro Trolley offer a complete range of trolleys, including electric, remote control and push - plus a full range of spares and batteries.

The new Lite Electric Golf Trolley has cruise control, LED display and sports wheels, it's the perfect way to get you round the course.

It is a compact and stylish electric golf trolley featuring:

• LED Display
• Automatic Distance Control (10, 20 & 30 yards)
• Cruise control
• Battery Indicator
• 'One click' opening and folding
• Sport Wheels
• Full UK 1 year golf trolley Warranty

The quality is not compromised on this entry level model, with quality components throughout the trolley.

The LED Digital Display shows the speed of the golf trolley and clearly displays your preferred speed. The Cruise Control allows you, with a single push of the button, to stop the golf trolley to play your shot and on pressing it again the trolley effortlessly accelerates to match your favourite speed.

The Distance Control allows you to send your golf trolley off to the next tee, either 10, 20 or 30 yards away. The display will 'count down' the yardage and stop when the display reaches '0'. You just need to carry your putter!

The battery indicator constantly monitors your golf battery and gives you plenty of warning if it is running low. The Lite electric golf trolley comes with a 26Ah battery and charger.

Lightweight (8kg) and very sturdy the ProTrolley Lite electric golf trolley is backed by a comprehensive full UK Warranty.

So why not start a new hobby in 2014 with the help of Pro Trolley's Lite Electric Golf Trolley model.

Prices range from £179 - £219
For more information please visit