The latest model to benefit from variable-depth grooves inspiring confidence and promoting a consistent stroke. A stylish mallet with three white alignment aids on top of the matte-black crown.

Variable-depth grooves milled into the face ensure ball-speed consistency whether the ball is struck in the centre of the face, towards the heel or toe, high or low.

The grooves are deepest in the centre and shallower toward the perimeter, which PING calls their True Roll (TR) Technology.

To fit all body types and putting styles, you can choose a fixed-length shaft (35 inches is standard), or upgrade to an adjustable-length version that can be customised between 31 and 38 inches prior to a round.

The Ketsch is available in three shaft bends to fit any stroke type: Straight, Slight Arc, or Strong Arc.

The midsize PP58 black rubber grip is designed with a familiar shape, but its larger size quiets the wrists for improved confidence and stroke repeatability.


Technical Specifications:

  • Variable-depth grooves improve ball-speed consistency nearly 50%
  • Aluminium mallet-style head milled at PING with 17-4 stainless steel sole weight
  • Three white contrasting lines on matte-black head and detailed milling lines on surface aid in alignment
  • Optional adjustable-length shaft adjusts 31 to 38 inches
  • Counterbalanced option available
  • Shaft bends available to fit Straight, Slight Arc or Strong Arc putting strokes

RRPs: Fixed £175 - Adjustable £199
Counter Balanced Fixed £200 - Counter Balanced Adjustable £224

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